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Do you want your website to be more than just an online brochure, accessible only from your website URL on your business card, but otherwise invisible?

Or,do you want to receive your share of the ever expanding Internet business market to expose and expand your business?

If the later better expresses your marketing desires, then your have come to the right source to naturally expand your Internet promotion. SLO Web Promotion has a track record of naturally and organically optimizing web sites around the world to bring them into compliance with the requirements of Google, Yahoo and MSN so that you can achieve high search engine rankings and greatly increased traffic to your business website - all naturally. If this is what you're looking for, then you don't have to read further, but contact us at:Contact Slo Web Promotion for Website Design Integration with Search Engine Optimization.

Most businesses, with web sites that do not rank in the search engines, find it necessary to purchase Google AdWords or Overture ad placements to achieve visibility in the search engines. This is called "Sponsored Results," "Sponsored Sites," or "Sponsored Links," depending upon which search engine you are using. While AdWords, (Google's Sponsored Links ads), and Overture ad placements, (Yahoo's Sponsored Sites ads), have a definite and useful place for new sites that do not yet have ranking, or established sites that want a temporary advertising campaign for keywords for which they are not optimized, long term success, and savings, comes from the solid, natural optimization search results.


A pretty website design does not necessarily equate to good search engine results. Search engines don't care what your site looks like, how much fancy flash or pictures you have on it, or tricky effects or videos. This is not to say that a page can't be constructed with all of these, it is just that search engines don't see everything that we see. For instance, search engines do not see pictures, Macromedia Flash, tricky javascript displays or videos on your page.

While there are some workarounds for these above design features that liven up a website design, basically search engines only see text on the page. For that reason, your website should be constructed so that the main information source for the user, and therefore search engines, is the text on the page. If this is done properly, then "design" can meet the "function" of qualifying for good search engine recognition of what is on your website page. In other words, your page is now optimized for search engines.

Of course there are many other factors that determine why your page is selected as a search engine result over perhaps millions of other pages on the Internet, and that is where a professional optimization service comes into play. Google, Yahoo and MSN have literally hundreds of qualifying benchmarks that they look at in determining the worthiness of your web page for a search engine result (SERPS).

Primarily, SLO Web Promotion, , is not a website design company, or a website graphics design company, content writer for your web site, or even a coordinator with your server in deep technical aspects. Rather, San Luis Obispo Web Promotion deals strictly with web site optimization - that process by which a website is brought into compliance with the basic rules and guidelines of the major search engines. Once this occurs, then the Internet surfer will find your business in the natural, organic results, which 100% of the people use, while only about 30% of searchers click on the paid results. Therefore, without the optimization that brings you the organic, natural search results, you are literally missing 70% of your Internet customers.

However, we optimize current web sites, modifying them where necessary, and we coordinate with other webmasters and design personnel so that web sites are constructed properly from the bottom up, so that optimization problems are eliminated before they are built in. If you are a website design company, and want the best search engine ratings for your client, call us so that we can work with you to acheive your client's kewyord goals. We have helped many professional local clients, including a spine surgery center, a retirement plan company that specializes in small businesses and a online gambling software and pay per head company in Costa Rica that specializes in sportsbook.
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Write us at:Contact Slo Web Promotion for Website Design Integration with Search Engine Optimization for a consultation for your business web site.

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